Our work says it all

We have a long history in Product development, whether you’re looking for manufacturing a hardware device or building a software application, 

MakersGround got you covered!

3D Printers

Nothing defines the future like 3D printers do.

MakersGround manufactured Industrial scale concrete printers, and Ultra fast Resin Printers, from scratch. 


Smart watches, Seamless wrist bracelets, Military grade glasses…

We build wearable devices, from scratch.

Web & Mobile Application

Web applications are like websites, but with more logic inside and can handle multiple user roles for different purposes, like Facebook or Youtube opened on a browser.

Our work included building web applications and websites.


The hype requires no introduction, you’re probably using your phone to browser this page right now, well, the browser is an application.

Our work included building Apps with an API backend.