How It works

When a well-known company wants to stand up to modern internet culture.

Our innovation comes from within, it is a big part of the company’s spirit and goes with everything we do. Innovation is not a service we sell separately. Clients who come to us know that whatever we do will add a touch of cool innovation to it.

When a business is outgrowing its market and needs to scale when a startup needs to make a splash.

We help them remodel their online presence, appeal to specific audiences, and get funded. To do that, we rely on aesthetic design, hardcore development, and an unstoppable work ethic. We are hiring the best talent we can find across the country but keeping the best.

Extending Development Teams

If your project calls for a versatile numerous collective for a prolonged period of time with no legal hustle, you can sign an NDA and hire our team.

Avoid worries with choosing the correct technology, spending nights and days coding, then testing, and so on. With MakersGround you can concentrate on working out decent marketing strategies, looking for investors, or inventing new ingenious ideas. Valuable time is spent on growing valuable business. Too often stakeholders have an awesome concept but need help around technical implementation since technical execution often remains an intolerable burden to take on.

Our team gives you

Constant and clear reports of hours and output

Whether you decide to track the time or evaluate the results, the team will adapt.

Autonomy and anonymity

Your home team will do their thing while we will do ours. We can work together or autonomously depending on your needs.

Common success, common responsibility

An extended team is responsible for the entire project’s success, not a patch of it.

Staff cohesion

We don’t call a group of freelancers a ‘team’. We select our teams of makers based on the project but also chemistry.

Full social compliance

Hiring an offshore software development team is a risky business because of cultural differences. We comply with our clients’ social policies and follow them inviolately.

Our extended team guarantees

Our approach is client-specific. We evaluate all the factors and attributes of each individual project, so our offshore extended team model is unique for every company, however, we follow the general guidelines in strategy selection and involvement.

  • Fits into your brand’s policy and schedule
  • Takes care of all the aspects of production
  • Warrants every single file and idea to you

The Process

  • 01


    Among thousands of software developers for hire, we look for the ones who fit the client’s culture, ethics, and mindset. Technical skills are a prerequisite.

  • 02


    We are committed to becoming an offshore development center that’s why we invest in our facilities.

  • 03


    We know how to build a software development team, and how to effectively run it for years. We require minimal input from the client’s side to integrate the team into their business.

  • 04


    The quality of the extended development team end product is incomparable to that of a contractor’s work.

  • 05


    Since there is no such thing as a done project, after the launch we commit the team or a part of it to maintaining the product, delivering updates, and making sure it doesn’t ever fail.

Our Purpose

Helping your business navigate the digital and physical world through experience design consultancy.

Creating solutions and strategies that grow with you, focusing your business on the future while maximizing your profitability.

Connecting external and internal messaging and processes, enabling the best possible experience for your customers and your staff.

Payment Terms

We charge our clients per Sprint. You are asked to:

  • Pay 50% of the total sprint budget before the sprint starts
  • Pay the remaining 50% of the sprint budget upon your validation at the end of the sprint

Each sprint will have its own invoice, the price might change depending on the working time needed to complete a sprint, as well as the number of Makers involved in completing the sprint.


We follow an agile development approach, which means that you will be provided by a deliverable every 3-5 weeks, as well as an invoice, making it much faster to go to the market and apply the required updates, as you are serving your users/customers.

Every 3-5 weeks’ worth of work is called a “Sprint”, and each sprint has a number; for example, we will start with Sprint 1, which will contain a list of deliverables to be delivered for you in 2 weeks, once Sprint 1 is completed, we host a meeting where you receive a task to validate Sprint 1 completion, and we start planning for Sprint 2 deliverables, once this is done, Sprint 2 starts, and so on

We start with a document containing a high-level overview of the features needed in the product. The features define the general goal of the platform and are prone to change along the way, depending on the market needs.

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