Ready to take your Concept to a market-ready product?

We love taking ideas and turning them into real products. We work with our clients to build compelling solutions that provide lasting value to their customers.

Having started out as a start-up ourselves, we know how difficult it is to maintain a balance between funding and quality development. We can help you get your idea made for less than a year of college tuition!

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Our Services

App Development Service

  • Mobile App Strategy

    We develop highly efficient and dynamic mobile applications that are flexible and agile.

  • User Experience Design

    Creating seamlessly integrated mobile features is our primary focus.

  • Mobile App Development

    We leverage every traditional to next-gen technology for improving user experience

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Web Development Service

  • Website development

    We keep abreast of the latest technologies to create a perfect UX and UI design.

  • Web-enabled business solutions

    We deliver web-based applications that help organizations to keep pace with constantly changing.

  • Front-end development

    Today, our front-end development team is the most fast-growing one in the company.

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Internet-of-Things & Robotics

  • hardware-robotics

    IoT Services, Robotics

    We are Strategists, Designers & Engineers Focused on You & Your IoT initiative.

    We understand that every project, product, and company is different, so we offer many flexible services across the various phases of product development.

  • consultancy

    IOT Consultancy Services

    We provide Consultancy services to help you deploy IoT and achieve the best technical results while minimizing cost

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Industrial Machinery

  • ...

    Automation Engineering

    Industrial machines are more complex than ever

  • ...

    Software Engineering

    Our Software Engineering solution for the Industrial Machinery Industry

  • ...

    Smart Manufacturing

    We are aware of our important role in the technological business growth of our customers.

  • ...

    Product Asset Management

    Product Asset Management Prevent wastage of inventory, energy

  • ...

    Industry 4.0

    Optimize your factory operations by integrating embedded controller

  • ...

    Performance Optimization

    Build an ecosystem of connected machinery that works together in a collaborative environment

  • ...

    Safety / Security

    Improve employee safety, reduce toxic byproduct production and control several

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How Our Digital Discovery Program Works

  • Ideation Discovery
  • Requirement Collection
  • Market Analysis
  • Prototype Creation
  • Analyze & Iterate
  • Deliver

Why Work With Us


Unparalleled skill set and experience with a wide perspective on the mobile industry


We are trusted by leading international companies to lead and participate in their most strategic projects


We guarantee your quality in the services you get and the communication with us


We gathered dedicated professionals who are committed to excel including renowned mobile innovation, product, and mobile development professionals

Proven Track Record

With an installation base in excess of 100 million (iOS / Android) and clients from Fortune 500 we have the experience to handle every mobile development project

Start now

Time is precious and with our service, you save precious time. You can start getting results from an experienced CTO that is ready for the challenge and committed to your success

We grow with you

Makersground has solid entrepreneurial roots and is eager to help you grow. Our service can start small on a small budget and grow with your needs and budget so you do not pay for a full-time expert CTO when you do not need it and cannot afford it

Truly scalable solution

Test your app on as many devices and device models as you wish

Save time

Once we implement your test scenarios and load them into the system, tests run in a matter of few hours


Pricing is based on test scenarios but inherently cheaper than most other inferior option