Smart Glasses

by moalla ilani

Wearable military-grade glasses that live stream facial data

Wearable military-grade glasses that live stream facial data to an online server for analysis, a bone conductor then provides feedback to personnel. The face recognition server takes less than 2 seconds to process the image. MakersGround has worked with the client closely on developing the device’s design, hardware, and super-efficient software.

It consists of two main peripherals: a camera and a bone conductor to be placed behind the ear.

The device essentially connects to an app running on the user’s mobile device over WiFi-direct communication, The device is military-grade.

Once the connection is established, the device starts steaming live footage captured from the camera, to the mobile app, which in turn sends a frame frequently to the image recognition server, the server sends back the names of the detected faces to the app, the app converts them to audio using text-to-speech and send the audio back to the device.

Finally, the device plays the audio through the bone conductor to the user. The whole process takes 2-3 seconds (assuming the mobile phone is on a 4G network).

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